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I Welcome You To Promote Your Next Affiliate Campaign With My Super-Clean Email Traffic... And I'll Even Throw in a Triple-Guarantee With It!

Discover what our clients say.

"Simon delivered the clicks fast and the optin rate was awesome." 181 Optins over 50%!

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"I would highly recommend Simon...I got a 14% over delivery...." 34% Optins!

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"It's easy to see why I buy from Simon again. Highly recommended!"

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"...fast delivery, premium quality traffic,...!"

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"...great conversions, and sales!"

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Another happy customer with 55% optin rate :-)

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"Simon is someone who is dependable, and always puts his friends and clients in high priority. It makes him someone who is trustworthy, and he does not lack effort to make sure he completes any job at hand. He is also a natural leader who leads, supports and raise everyone around him to be the best they can be. He is at the same time humble and makes sure everyone has a chance to shine before him. He will be a valuable member to anyone that works with him."

Ken Tan

Ken Tan, Plato, Art Director

"I have known Simon for the past three years. He is one of the most organized people I know. Simon is able to balance many different tasks and meet all of his deadlines. If he says he will do something, he gets it done. In my experience, he also conducts himself with a high level of integrity and will do what is best for both himself and those he works and interacts with."

Del Mastrangelo

Del Mastrangelo, Senior Commercial Underwriter, Vice President, Bank of America

"....Various Leads to work with, Good Solo...!"

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"Simon Fong is proficient in his craft. Moreover, he is knowledgeable and very patient with determination to help his comrade succeed. He is an invaluable asset and possess skills good to the team."


Lester Melgarejo,
Social Service at Burlingame Long Term Care

"Simon helped me understand leadership at work and he is trustworthy and highly skilled professional with a lot of experience. His insight will be a valuable asset."

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Konomi Oe, Regional Sales Manager and New Business Development Executive, Susumu International USA, Inc.

"I’ve known Simon for almost 4 years personally and also had worked with him with some of my projects. I can say that I will vouch for him as a quality person (he had helped me with natural remedies and alternative healing for free even though I offered to pay) and someone I can rely on when it comes to business. He always do what needs to be done and never half-heartedly. He takes pride in doing his best at all times.."


Sarah Jane Ilumin, owner of Yashi Okita Design

I'm Simon Fong, and my focus is helping affiliate marketers increase their traffic quality through the use of solo ads.

What brought me here, and why am I doing this?

My journey to this point started in 2006 when I began my online endeavors. At that time, I quickly grasped which products to promote, but struggled significantly with finding the appropriate traffic for my offers.

I've tried every traffic strategy under the sun, only to be disappointed with the results. One example of this was my experience with Facebook ads. I spent two years using Facebook ads, only to have several ad accounts shut down and a significant amount of ad spend wasted.

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I got to tell you, figuring out traffic has been a total money pit for me...

I've sunk a ton of cash into Adwords, but it just never paid off. And to top it off, Google Ads actually banned me because they're not too fond of affiliate marketers like me.

So, I switched gears and decided to focus on building my email list through search engine optimization. But man, SEO evolves at lightning speed! Sometimes, I'd shell out $500 for some fancy backlink software, only to find out it was already outdated by the time I figured out how to use it.

Despite years of experience, traffic is still the number one challenge for most affiliate marketers out there. And let's face it, without traffic, it's pretty tough to make any real money online.

How can I help you?

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to struggle with traffic, which is why I've decided to take action. I want to share with you my #1 traffic strategy that's been working for me (you can get all the details in the free report below!). Not only that, but I'm also offering to drive traffic for you straight to a landing page of your choosing.

Here's how it works in four simple steps:

1. You give me your landing page URL.

2. I'll craft a killer email swipe (that's marketing lingo for "creative") to promote your landing page.

3. I'll load that swipe into my autoresponder and send it to my email subscribers who are interested in products like yours.

4. I'm so confident in this approach that I'll guarantee you'll get real visitors to your landing page link or your money back!

Ready to work together? Awesome! Just use the order buttons below to submit your order right now. And if you have any questions at all, just hit me up using the contact details below.

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VIP treatment for first time buyers

If you're buying from me for the first time, you'll be eligible for the "first time client" discount. It's my way of saying welcome on your first transaction with me.

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Real clicks

My traffic filters are top-notch! They can block any fake bots that might try to sneak in. But, in case any fake clicks do slip through, I've got your back. I'll send those clicks to you again for free. That way, you only pay for genuine clicks.

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On time delivery

You can count on me to always meet your deadline. Your campaign will start and finish exactly as planned.

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Helpful support

I'm not just here for "clicks." If you need a hand with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages, and anything else, let's talk - I can help.

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Campaign traffic report

At the end of every campaign, I'll provide you with a detailed report that breaks down your traffic (and conversions if you ask me to track them), so you'll know exactly what you paid for!

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Solo ad swipe for free

If you're not sure how to write a compelling solo ad creative, don't worry, I can help! Just let me know what you're promoting and I'll create a high-converting email swipe for you - completely free of charge.

My high-quality traffic is 90% top tier

The majority of the traffic I provide comes from English-speaking countries where people have credit cards, a good exchange rate, and a banking system that supports credit. This is ideal for affiliate marketers like yourself!

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I guarantee you get the clicks you paid for or more

I don't want you to take any chances. Get exactly what you paid for or more.

New clients receive a 10% click bonus - FREE

If you're a new customer, I'll give you at least 10% extra clicks for free! So, if you order 500 clicks, you'll get 550, and if you order 1,000 clicks, you'll get 1,100. I want to show you that I'll go the extra mile to make you happy, no matter how much traffic you need.

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Which Affiliate Offers Convert Best With Your Traffic?

Solo ads don't work well for people promoting video marketing programs, webinar software, web design services, search engine optimization services, binary options, forex robots, dating, weight loss, and other things that aren't related to making money from home.

Here are some of the most popular offers we're running right now:

Offers 4 - 18 x 6.74

Pick a solo ad package that matches your goals and budget!

No matter what kind of marketer you are or what your budget is, we have a traffic package that's just right for you. Whether big or small, rich or poor, we've got you covered. If you have any questions, please email us at support@simonsoloads.com.

Advanced Click Package

  • 500 unique visitors to your landing page
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.50 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$250 one time

Sign up now

Intermediate Click Package

  • 250 unique visitors to your landing page
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.60 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$150 one time

Beginner Click Package

  • 100 unique visitors to your landing page
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.70 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$70 one time

Choose a monthly subscription for solo ads that fits with your "set it and forget it" lifestyle!

We've got monthly subscription traffic packages that are perfect for all kinds of marketers, even if you're super busy! You can set them up once and then forget about it - and they'll keep bringing new visitors to your site every month. It doesn't matter if you're a big or small business, or if you've got a lot of money or not. We've got options for everyone. If you have any questions, just send us an email at support@simonsoloads.com.

Auto Advanced Click Package

  • 500 unique visitors to your landing page automatically sent once each month
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.45 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$225 once

each month

Save 10% with auto subscription

Auto Intermediate Click Package

  • 250 unique visitors to your landing page automatically sent once each month
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.54 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$135 once

each month

Save 10% with auto subscription

Auto Beginner Click Package

  • 100 unique visitors to your landing page automatically sent once each month
  • 90% + tier 1
  • $0.63 CPC
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free campaign report at completion
  • Free Email Swipe (optional)
  • Free Capture Page (optional)

$63 once

each month

Save 10% with auto subscription


1. I guarantee you’ll you'll get at least the number of clicks you paid for. And if you end up getting less than that, don't worry, I'll keep sending more visitors to your website until you get the number of clicks you paid for, or even more!

2. I guarantee you’ll get genuine and quality traffic, and there won't be any fake clicks. But just in case, if any fake clicks come through, I'll send them again without any extra charge. You'll either get real traffic or won't have to pay anything!

3. I guarantee to work really hard to make sure you're happy with my service. I can't guarantee that you'll make sales, but I'll do my best to get you real visitors to your website on time. And if any problems come up, I'll be there to help you out in any way I can.

triple guarantee


Here's our A's for your Q's

When does my order begin?

If your offer is a good match with my list, I'll send your order to you in 24 hours or even less. Remember, money loves speed ;)

How can I track my order?

As my customer, you don't have to worry about tracking your order because I'll do it for you for free. I'll set everything up and send you a full report when your order is done, so you can relax and have peace of mind.

Do you count all clicks or just unique clicks?

I guarantee to send you the exact number of visitors you asked for, and I'll only count the unique clicks. That means you'll only pay for each visitor once, even if they click on your link multiple times. Any extra clicks you get from the same visitor will be free of charge.

Do you offer clicks only from the USA?

Yes. I mostly get visitors from tier 1 countries, which makes up 90% of my traffic. However, I also have a portion of visitors who are specifically from the United States. If you want to know more about it, just send me a private message at simon@simonsoloads.com.  

Where are your clicks coming from?

When you order from me, you'll get access to email lists with new and interested solo ad prospects that you won't find anywhere else.

How can I keep track of the opt-in rate?

If you're in charge of your capture page, then you're the one who keeps tabs on your opt-in rate. You can find it on your own if you're making your own list, or you can ask the product provider if someone else is following up with your leads for you.  

Do you provide an ad copy or should I come up with one?

If your offer matches well with my list, I'll look at it carefully and write the best message that will connect with my list, all for free. But, if you really want to use your own message for some reason, just send me a message with more information and I'll think about it.  

What percentage of your traffic is mobile?

I've separated my lists into groups of people who use mobile devices and those who use desktop computers. If you're interested in just one of those groups, send me a private message and I can give you access to the specific list you need.  

Can I expect to make any sales?

There's no way to guarantee sales, but I can offer you a reliable source of new potential customers who have a good track record of making purchases. Plus, I'll give you an extra 10% of leads for free to increase your chances of making sales.  

How many visitors can you send me in one order?

I offer packages where I can send up to 2,000 clicks. But if you need more, and if your offer is a good match, I can definitely send more clicks. If you need a really big order, like 10,000 or 15,000 clicks, just send me a private message and we can talk more about it.

Do you offer special discounts for repeat customers?

Sure, I'm happy to talk about giving you a discount if you keep ordering from us regularly. The amount of discount we can give will depend on how much and how often you order.  

What do you accept as payment?

Paypal, credit cards, and bitcoin.

Still got questions?

I'm here to help you with any questions you might have. All you have to do is fill out the form on the right side of the page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you want an even faster response, message me on Facebook messenger or email me at simon@simonsoloads.com


Do you want to learn about one of the top opportunities that is currently crushing it with solo ads traffic?

If it's okay with you, I'd love to send you one of the best converting hot offers for solo ads traffic. Just let me know where to email it and you'll have it in no time!

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I Am Thinking About Offering A Refer A Friend Program That Offers Commissions on Every Order From Your Referrals!

Are you interested in joining this Refer A Friend progam?

Click the button below to reserve your spot. When there is enough interest accumulated, I will immediately email you the start of this new Refer A Friend program that can earn you extra income!


Are you confused about what solo ads are?

Claim your free report breaking down what solo ads are below.

Terms and Conditions

I'll work hard to make sure you're happy through my Triple Traffic Guarantee, but I don't guarantee my traffic will result in sales.

Your order will start within 24 hours of you submitting it and I'll email you when it starts and ends.

If I think your offer doesn't fit with my audience, you'll get a refund. If you're not sure, email me the details so I can approve it.

You'll get 90% top tier traffic and 10% worldwide traffic. The price is just for the 80% top tier traffic. If you're promoting an offer exclusive to the USA or North America, contact me for a special proposal.

I reserve the right to use my own email creative, unless you specifically ask me to use yours (in which case, email it to me first ahead of time).

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